About Us

Puducherry State Consumer Helpline (PSCH) provides pre-purchase information, post-purchase advice, guidance and information and also offer "next-step advice" for resolution or redress. Our intent is to make the consumers be empowered and be aware of their rights to:-Safety, Choose, Be Heard, and Redressal & Consumer Education. We also aim to sensitize the consumers of their responsibilities of being: - Critically Aware, Involved, Organized, Responsible towards the Environment and Practicing Sustainable Consumption.

Puducherry State Consumer Helpline supports consumers by:

- Guiding consumers in finding solutions to problems related to Products & Services.
- Providing information related to Companies and Regulatory Authorities.
- Facilitating consumers in filing complaints against defaulting Service Providers
- Empowering consumers to use available Consumer Grievances Redressal
- Mechanisms, Educating Consumers about their Rights and Responsibilities

Puducherry State Consumer Helpline


"To Create Awareness, empowered and responsible consumers and socially and legally responsible Corporations."


"To provide telephonic advice, information and guidance to empower Puducherry consumers and persuade businesses to reorient their policy and management systems to address consumer concerns and grievances adopting world class standards."

A consumer can call to seek information, advice or guidance for his queries and complaints.

Puducherry State Consumer Helpline PSCH provides a PUDUCHERRY Toll Free No-1800-425-1082(Puducherry), 1800-425-1083(Karaikal), 1800-425-1084(Mahe), 1800-425-1085(Yanam). SMS can also be sent to +919486681082,+919486691082 (charges apply) mentioning the name and Area, region.

Subjects of Counselling

State Consumer Helpline will provide counseling on all products and services and will develop a database information relating to the State. State Consumer Helpline will function through a Toll Free telephone number where a citizen of the State/UT can call and seek information, advice or guidance for his day to day consumer problems.

To make the consumers be empowered and be aware of their rights to:-Safety, Choose, Be Heard, Redressal & Consumer Education.

The State consumer Helpline will provide counseling on all products and services and will develop database information relating to the state. It will also function as resource centre with complete database information relating to the state. It will also function as Resource Centre with complete database of all required information necessary for counseling. Indicators like number of complaints received and resolved and time taken to resolve them and the general reception towards the helpline as a useful service will be assessed. State/UT government will monitor the progress and report the progress on monthly basis and report to the centre. The advantages of a State helpline are : (i)The state help lines will be successful attempt as an ADR Mechanism. (ii)State Help lines once develop local database, and trained manpower can actually initiate mediation mechanism before a complaint is registered with Consumer forum (iii) Service in local language makes the helpline to penetrate to rural areas for service delivery.

State Consumer Helpline Portal links State Consumer Helplines (SCH) located in different States. Presently states viz. Bihar, Haryana, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Maharshtra, Odisha, Rajasthan, Delhi, Himachal Pradesh, Utter Pradesh, Mizoram and Tamil Nadu are linked with Portal. Other States will be linked with the Portal shortly.

For Consumer Studies at Indian Institute Of Public Administration from The Project recognizes the need of consumers for a Telephone Helpline to deal with multitude of problems arising in their day-to-day dealings with business and service providers.


State Consumer Helpline is proposed to be established with the following objectives.

1. Development of a resource centre at State level which will be networked with national Resource centre at IIPA

2. Encourage Alternate Consumer Disputes Redressal mechanism at State level and help in Resolving cases through Mediation cell

3. Maximum no. of disputes resolved.

4. Early resolution of complaints.

5. Reach out to rural consumers.

6. State level machinery gets experience

7. Companies and service providers become more active in solving consumer disputes.

8. Provide service in regional language in addition to English & Local Region language.

Networking with National Portal at IIPA

Coordinate in the development of a complete training manual for SCH operators Make periodic visit to evaluate the functioning of SCH and sort out problems faced. Submit quarterly reports the DCA There will be an effective coordination between State Helplines and and the National Portal set up at IIPA. State Consumer Helpline will eventually be networked with National Portal to enable two way data access possible. For this purpose the data base will be shared by both CCS/IIPA and SCH .




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