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What are Unfair Trade Practices (UTP)?

# Misleading advertisements/False representation

# Bargain Selling when there is no bargain

# Offering gifts, prizes, etc. to lure customers with no intention of providing them

# Conducting of any contest, lottery, etc. as a promotional gimmick

# Hoarding or destroying goods with the intention of raising the cost of these or similar goods

# Manufacturing or offering spurious goods or adopting deceptive practices in the provision of services

To know about the products you want to buy it is always better to go by comparative testing.

Comparative Testing means subjecting of different products offered for the same purpose, the results of which tests provide consumers with unbiased information on the characteristics of these products.

Helps you know the prices of different brands of the same product

Compares the features, safety, hidden costs, long term maintenance, after sales service and other various qualities of different brands

It brings to your notice many other points which the service provider or trader may not offer thus making your task of buying a product easy

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Standard Marks and Labels

Standardization mark is a mark or symbol given to a product, which meets certain standards with respect to the quality in terms of material used, methods of manufacture, labeling, packaging and performance.

Tips for writing a complaint letter

You may be able to resolve your concerns by putting your complaint in writing. If you write a letter to Advice centre, business or complaint-handling organization, remember to include:

# Name and full address with contact details

# Describe the problem in short with date and place of purchasing

# What action you have already taken to fix the problem

# Ask for a reply to your letter within a rational time

# Copies of any other letters you have written about the problem

# Copies of all relevant documents (for example, warranties, receipts and any previous

# correspondence)—do not send the originals.

# Keep a copy of this letter and make a note of the date you post it.




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